About Me

As a freelance studio potter, I am passionate about working on the potter's wheel and making utility ware which are both textural and pure. My sculptural pieces are also first made on the wheel and then hand –worked upon.

Having completed my schooling from Mayo College Girls' School, Ajmer in the year 1994, I had the great opportunity to seek admission in Kala Bhawan, Santiniketan where I graduated with a specialization in ceramics in 1999.

This followed with the most amazing experience of working under pioneer ceramic artist Mrs. Nirmala Pathwardhan in her studio in Pune where I explored many glazes and clay bodies under her guidance.

In February 2000 I trained at the Andretta Pottery in Himachal Pradesh under the esteemed guidance of Mr. Mansimran Singh for a period of three months.

After my training in Andretta I came back to Pune and worked under Mrs. Nirmala Patwardhan and participated in the Studio Pottery 2000 show at the Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai.

In 2001 I was awarded the Garhi Scholarship and also had the opportunity to train under Mr. Ray Meekar at the Golden Bridge pottery in Pondicherry for seven months where we were trained to perfect the art of wheel throwing and experience wood firing.

I have been working in Mrs. Ruby Jhunjhunwala's studio since 2017 where I was introduced to working with differently abled children and adults through her platform Mutthi – A fistful of clay.

Over the years I have gathered experiences attending workshops under eminent ceramic artists of national and international repute. Jyotsna Bhatt, Gary Hambleton, Jane Jermyn and Shamai Gibsch to name a few.

Having had the opportunity of working with eminent potters I enjoy teaching and imparting my knowledge in pottery through workshops and classes.

Since 2002 I have been teaching pottery to children and adults.

2017-18 taught pottery at Delhi Public School.

2017-18 taught the deaf and deafblind at the Hellen Keller Institute of Deaf and Deafblind, Mumbai.

My interest and expertise also extend to large scale landscape pottery that I design and execute in various mediums for commercial prospects.

Presently I am working as a freelance studio potter and conducting pottery training sessions and workshops. I enjoy being part of shows and markets as they provide excellent networking opportunities and exposure to a range of different works and styles from across the country.

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