Over a period of two decades, IGA has reinvented the concept and process of consultation of art and widened the scope and reach of artists. Spearheaded by Indranil Garai, IGA’s marketing techniques and skills have helped the Firm to magnify and streamline the areas of artist marketing and support.

With a vision of enhancing artists' career, IGA has developed unique tools that make portfolio design, content creation, marketing, and PR assistance available to artists at the click of a button, catering to individual requirements and objectives of artists

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As artists you would know that creation of art is an inward journey, Art is for the soul, it is born in isolation, however, the Sale is for the customer. At the onset let me assure you that your decision today to sell art does not mean to compromise the purity of your creation, it is a preparation of an outward exploration.

Marketing of Art is a plan of multiple activities and events that builds an image of an artist and positions the value of his/ her artwork.


Hailing from a family of artists I have always had a close affinity with the artist community and over the period of my practice this relationship grew stronger and I became more sensitive towards their needs. The following series of Webinars is a response to my understanding of the needs of fellow artists who are ready to take the matters of the heart and the mind in one's own hand and write one's own destiny.





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