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Ashwin Lovekar,
Architect, Pune

I am highly impressed by the quality of work that has been displayed on the website. The workIs wonderfully mature and majority of the artists have a wonderful command and control over their subject. The curating of the show has been excellent, and one should definitely congratulate IGA for that. Keep the good work going!!

Amritah Sen,
Artist, Kolkata

Wonderful initiative! Congrats Team IGA and all the artists and mentors who have taken part in this. Really hope this portal goes a long way, provide platform to many more dreams. Really impressed!

Brinda Gill,
Writer, Pune

It is heartening to see the efforts of IGA towards encouraging and promoting young and emerging artists specially in the present times that are shadowed by the Covid-19 cloud. The artists show promise - specially as seen in the lines and luminous compositions of Shitangshu Mondal as well as the forms, lines and patterns in the works of Priyanshu Chaurasia. IGA has well responded to the current climate by going digital to keep art lovers and artists connected with art. All good wishes for this and future initiatives.  

Divya Menon,
Art Writer - Art/Corporate Writing Services, Thrissur

"IGA has always shown us different pathways of artistic perception. With this brilliantly curated virtual Show with some of the best young artists of our times, IGA has once again directed art to stretch human imagination and sensitivity to matchless limits using innovative technology. Browsing through the works of these talented creators is akin to a journey of the mind from a nebulous state to the concrete, constituted most imaginatively. Some of the works are deeply abstract, some others are rooted in the magic of the form and then many others are intense expressions of emotions. During these COVID-challenged times, this comes as an antidote for the mind. Wishing IGA and the brigade of young artists, the very best for the future!"

Indrapramit Roy,
Artist, Professor Dept. of Painting, MSU, Baroda.

The site shows hard work and commitment to bring the experience of viewing the show of these young artists in a virtual gallery tour at a time when physical viewing has become impossible.  Quite a few of the artists show promise. My best wishes for IGA Galleria and Indranil.

Lina Vincent ,
Art Historian and Curator.

"IGA galleria has initiated and executed a deeply inspiring project with #FRESHERS. During this period of physical distancing and general disorientation and uncertainty - the virtual gallery showcase is as close as one can get to enjoying art works face to face. It is immensely important to continue such interactions and strive to provide platforms and opportunities for young artists who would otherwise be left adrift. I laud this effort to also create dialogue through the planning of webinars with a number of diverse experts. On the whole it is a well thought out program that will make an impact and will hopefully be continued. "

Ruby Junjhunwala,
Ceramist, Pune

"Very beautiful Gallery Display - really impressed with the curation and display"

Samit Das,
Artist, Delhi

I am very happy to see the energetic venture from IGA Studios. I am sure this supportive act will help and open up many new creative paths for younger generation of artists. All my best wishes to IGA studio.

Soumik Nandy Majumdar,
Professor History of Art, Visva Bharati, Kala Bhavan, Santiniketan.

#Freshers Show curated by IGA comes as one of the most pleasant and reassuring surprises amidst the time of Covid. I am thoroughly impressed by the entire scheme which includes virtual show, mentorship programs through webinars and artists' demonstrations. The show itself, comprising a variety of art works produced by some of the brilliant young creative minds of our times, is worth visiting more than once. The selected works are splendid examples of extremely refined creative ideas, deep imaginations and superb technical dexterity. Last but not the least, the virtual show is curated and designed in the most effective way -- with a smooth navigation and comfortable viewing. I am eagerly looking forward to more such initiatives in near future.

Vaishali Rajapurkar,
Art Curator, Pune

The webinar for freshers was a wonderful endeavor with well informed and well-spoken Curators. I especially agreed with Mr. Raju Sutar’s idea of doing away with art collages. The guru-shishya parampara needs to come back.


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