A. General

1. What is Consultation for Artists?

IG. Consultation for artists is a service that I wish to offer to my artist friends that will enable a more professional approach towards the art market for an artist, with tools and execution plans that will be created through Design Support, Content Creation and Marketing and Planning services.

2. How can I avail your services?

IG. Click on the enquiry button, fill in the form and submit it, my team will contact you to help you with your requirement. You can also directly share your requirements through email cfa@igastudios.com or call us on 880 540 6464

3. Can I print the catalogue made by you?

IG. Yes, all catalogues created by us are in printable format. An additional raw file is given along with a PDF file for printing from a local vendor.

4. Will the digital soft copy format of the catalogue be responsive and hyperlinked?

IG. Yes, our team works with the latest marketing techniques. All details provided in the contact details section are hyperlinked and responsive, for clients to reach you on a click of a button.

5. Will you give me any design sample before I finalize your service?

IG. Yes, we will provide a sample design created by us for your reference before your finalization. You need to drop us a mail separately for the same.

B. Services

1. In Catalogue Creation will the copywriting charges be included?

IG. Yes, copywriting charges are included in all services under the Design Support category, please find number of words mentioned in the Pricelist.

2. What is the meaning of Grade A and Grade B Copywriter in the Content Creation category pricelist?

IG. Grade A is a senior category copywriter and Grade B is a junior category copywriter. Sample script of the same can be provided on request.

3. In the custom design Catalogue Creation, can I add a preface written by a senior artist/ curator of my choice?

IG. Yes, please make sure you submit the content to us and mention the same in the email as well. Payment for the same to be done by you.

4. What does the Artist Promotion Post offer?

IG. I strongly believe it is important for an Art professional to promote ones self as a brand. Through this service I will create self promotional posts for your social media and other digital circulations.

5. What is a Profile Presentation service?

IG. In this specialized service we create a mini profile, for you to offer to galleries/ curators/ clients a quick glimpse of your portfolio and you as an artist. This is a very strong tool that has always worked very well for me, to be used through digital media circulation.

6.For Catalogue Content services will I have to submit a draft of the catalogue created by me for reference?

IG. As a practice we believe that art catalogues must primarily be photo narratives and so to create the content for the same a draft is a must that help my copywriters to create most suitable contents.

7. What is the purpose o the Introduction Mail?

IG. First impressions lasts a long way. A well drafted Introduction Mail will help you build a professional identity while applying or introducing your self to buyers, art galleries, curators, residencies, etc.

8. What will you provide in Event and Exhibition Planning?

IG. Planning I truly believe is the key to success. Through this service I will help you with tools and detailed plans to execute and gain success in your proposed event or exhibition.

9. What do you mean by Client Handling?

IG. Over years of practice I have realized that efficient client handling and coordination is the key to professional success. Under this service I will bring to you an organized plan to handle your existing clients with tools that will meet your needs of promotion, creating recall value of you and your brand.

10. What are you offering in the Profile Promotion Plan?

IG. My focus here is to plan an engagement strategy to enhance an artists personal identity on social media and other digital platforms through captivating design contents also provided in the package.

C. Payment

1. What is the payment policy for your services?

IG. I commence work after receipt of full payment only.

2. What is your mode of payment?

IG. You can pay me through an online transfer or a simple bank deposit.

3. What is your cancellation policy?

IG. No refund will be done on cancellation. Service can be transferred to an alternative service on request within a period of 2 working days from the payment date and the same must be availed within a period of 3 months.




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