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Catalogue Content

We create effective and professional content for artists' catalogues to suit their design. The content thus produced describes an array of information such as art practice, methods of creation, synopsis of works with pictures. The content provided by IGA is a consummate marketing tool and is also biographical in nature as it also covers milestones of their practice.

Artist Statement

Artist Statements created by IGA Content writers focus on introducing artists to their audience in the backdrop of their works. These statements incorporate information pertaining to artistic practice, processes of creation and materials involved.  The statement is descriptive and talks about the inspiration behind the artist, artistic representation and purpose.

Introduction Mail

IGA provides artists introductory letters or emails for the purpose of introducing themselves to curators, galleries and prospective sponsors. The content for such letters carry a general introduction of the artist and artistic practice but the content may also be further customized to talk about the artist in the context of a specific engagement by highlighting relevant areas of expertise and experience.

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