& Planning

Event & Exhibition Plan

IGA submits specific exhibition public relations tools and plans for artists with the aim of marketing their works. These plans can be customised according to the scale of the exhibition, the audience targetted and the professional goals set by artists.

Client Handling

IGA are experts in the area of client handling and believe that management of clients is the peg around which an artist's career is woven.  Under client handling we structure our plans across multiple tools and modes including self introduction of the artist targetting the clientele of the artist and the art fraternity at large.  We develop different ways of interacting with clients segregated into various groups and network across a wide platform in order to market artists through effective and purpose oriented communication.  Through proven methods we support artists by managing their clients professionally in order to secure the sales they aim for.

Profile Promotion Plan

IGA has a long history of committment towards artists and we believe that artist promotion is cardinal to promotion of art itself.  We provide tools and plans for artist promotion that can be operated across various platforms in line with our goals for marketing of artists and also to help artists' achieve their own benchmarks of success.

Event & Exhibition Management

IGA have been leaders in exhibition and event management since nearly two decades now.  As a very important exhibition partner at all major art events, we not only create comprehensive solutions, support and hands-on tools to manage exhibitions of artists of all genres and stages of career but also take these proposals to completion. Our meticulously chartered plans under this heading, involves representation of artists and their works, planning and designing the different marketing tools like branding, media promotion and PR, client handling all the way until execution of show.