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Symbolically a circle represents a continuum, the changeable yet the unchangeable. There is no beginning, no end, no sharp corners either. Hold the hands together it forms a soft round shape....

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Online Exhibition
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Tools   For  Art   Business

Experts from the field of art go Live on Facebook to discuss and highlight the strength of social media and other online platforms to build an artist's individual brand and therefore create visibility to clients, curators, and galleries.

Marketing Webinar

Sunday,  24th  OCT  2021,   05:00 Pm  Onwards

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Exhibition Walkthrough

Exhibition  Walkthrough

Join us on the following dates as we go Live on Facebook on an interactive tour with the artists as they walk us through the virtual show, talking about their creations, working processes, and ideas.

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Monday,  25th  OCT  2021,   05:00 Pm  Onwards
Amiya Nimai  Dhara  |  Arti   Kirloskar  |  Manjiri   More

Tuesday,  26th  OCT  2021,   05:00 Pm  Onwards
Manjusha  Ganguly  |  Ruby Jhunjhunwala  |  Shalan  Dere

WednesdaY,  27th  OCT  2021,   05:00 Pm  Onwards
Shampa  Shah  |  Shayonti  Salvi  |  Snehal  Kashikar

ThursdaY,  28th  OCT  2021,   05:00 Pm  Onwards
Tanmay  Banerjee  |  Vinod  DaroZ  |  Vivek  Nimbolkar

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Live Auction

Live Auction

In Support of  indian  craftsmen 

As an organization, we feel responsible to extend our support to fellow craftsmen in these trying times. This Auction is a way to gather contributions from like-minded people who wish to support the Indian Craftsman along with us through Datri Foundation who has been on a mission to support and revive the rich tangible and intangible heritage, arts, crafts, and traditional knowledge systems of India by skilling, the differently-abled, the youth, especially the women and empowering them with financial independence at the grassroots.

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Click on the below link to register yourself for this special closed door event

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